Ed Attala Answers Some Common Questions with Regard to Estate Planning and Living Trusts

In the webinar videos below, San Luis Obispo attorneys Ed Attala and Ray Mattison discuss some of the more frequently asked questions concerning a Living Trust, A Pour-Over Will, Power of Attorney, Abstract of Trust, Advanced Healthcare Directive and some of the legal fees associated with Estate Planning.

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Webinar: Living Trust – A Basic Overview. 4:10 min.

Living Trust – A Basic Overview.

Ed Attala and Ray Mattison answer questions such as Who Needs a Living Trust? What are the various documents that should be included in a Living Trust? What is the most common mistake people do with their Trust? If someone doesn’t have a Living Trust, what will it cost their heirs to deal with probate after they die? What will it cost to create a basic estate planning package? What about these Trust Mill events where they offer to do a Trust for you? Can’t someone just prepare their Living Trust using a standard template or form?


Webinar: What is a Pour-Over Will? 1:48 min

What is a Pour-Over Will?.

What is a pour-over will and how does it work within a Living Trust? Why do I need a pour-over will if I already have a Living Trust? What if I die and some of my assets were not put into my Living Trust correctly? Does it have to go through probate? Can I disinherit someone in my family?


Webinar: What is a Power of Attorney? 1:30 min.  

Power of Attorney.

In this video, Ed Attala and Ray Mattison answer questions such as: What is a Power of Attorney and for what can you use it? How broad can the scope of a Power Attorney be? Why would I use a Power of Attorney for a real estate transaction? How complicated is it to do a Power of Attorney?


Webinar: An Abstruct of Trust. 1:21 min

An Abstruct of Trust.

What is an Abstract of Trust and why is it generally created as part of a standard Living Trust package? Why do you need the Abstract of Trust, and why not just give your whole Trust to various financial institutions that might ask to see it? Attorneys Ed Attala and Ray Mattison give the answers to these questions in this short video.


Webinar: Advanced Healthcare Directive. 1:52 min.

Advanced Healthcare Directive.

What is an Advanced Healthcare Directive and what is it used for? What does a Conservator do and how does the Advanced Healthcare Directive help with regard to organ transplants and/or someone’s end of life decisions if they can’t make them for themselves? Are there other statutory forms like HIPAA included in the Advanced Healthcare Directive?